Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Put Their Comedic Talents Into The Nest

By Sean O'Connell 2014-04-09 05:09:00discussion comments
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Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Put Their Comedic Talents Into The Nest image
They have been baby mamas, Weekend Updaters, Golden Globes hosts and lifelong best friends. Now Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will play sisters in an upcoming comedy that is coming together at Universal Studios.

The Nest, which will be helmed by Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore, is close to luring Fey and Poehler for its co-lead roles, according to Variety. The script will be based off of an idea credited to Paula Pell, whoíll handle screenwriting duties. The Nest will star the two comedians as "30-something sisters who come home to find that their parentsí house has been put up for sale." Forced to deal with this bit of closure and upheaval, the sisters decide to spend one final crazy weekend together. I mean, Iím not sure why they canít hang out at their parentsí new home. Maybe thereís some twist explaining why one of the sisters is dying? Iím spitballing here.

Either way, we can assume The Nest will be extremely funny. Poehler stole scenes in Feyís Mean Girls, which she wrote but didnít direct:

And their biggest movie collaboration, 2008ís Baby Mama, is an underrated gem that took advantage of their impressive comedic chemistry. Clips from the film are available online, but this Unscripted interview between the duo better shows off their interplay. I love when Fey almost spit-takes what sheís drinking in reaction to Poehlerís answer. Almost! She keeps it together. Such a pro:

But Fey and Poehler have been killing it lately as the co-hosts of the annual Golden Globes telecast in January. They already have agreed to come back and host next yearís ceremony. Maybe Universal can time the release of The Nest to the weekend of the Globes? They air on NBC, which is part of Universalís parent company. Synergy!

So The Nest needs to cast actors to play Fey and Poehlerís parents. Itís likely Moore will surround the duo with credible comedic support. Look for a release date in the future. Weíll continue to track The Nest as it rolls along.
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