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Red Dawn's Josh Peck Up For Al Pacino Dramedy Imagine

Inspired by real events, Imagine centers on Pacino's character, an aging musician who is prompted by an old letter from John Lennon to leave his rock star ways behind him and bond with the son he never met. While Peck sort of resembles a young Pacino, it's Cannavale who'll be playing the son. Should he sign on, Peck would portray a hotel valet who Pacino urges to pursue the girl of his dreams

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Michael Caine And Jennifer Garner Join Rock Star Al Pacino In Dan Fogelman's Imagine

The film was originally set up to be a Steve Carrell film, but I can’t help but think this cast has already topped whatever studio casting would have followed Carrell. All of our lucky stars have already been thanked that Bening is Pacino’s love interest and not Garner.

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Annette Bening Will Love On Al Pacino In Dan Fogelman's Imagine

Pacino will play a hard-living, aging rocker who discovers a letter that John Lennon wrote a to him when he was younger.. The letter sets his life on a different path. Bening will play a love interest and Cannavale will play Pacino’s estranged son, who doesn’t have much in common with his father.

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Al Pacino In Talks To Receive A Letter From John Lennon In Imagine

Estranged from his son and lacking purpose, he’s informed John Lennon wrote him a letter more than forty years ago that was never delivered. With a new found confidence, he attempts to follow through on the optimistic advice by reaching out to his son

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Steve Carell Finds His Rockstar Dad In Imagine

Rumor has it The Office’s Steve Carell has decided on his new project. The comedy, tentatively titled Imagine, would see an aging rock star discover he has a love child. The rock star is still yet to be cast, but Carell would play the love child, found through a mysterious, long-lost letter written by John Lennon

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