When founding Pixies member Kim Deal announced she was quitting the band just a few weeks ago, some fans may have wondered whether Black Francis, Joey Santiago, and David Lovering would continue without her. On Friday, the band answered those hesitations loud and clear by releasing the group’s first single since 2004’s “Bam Thwok.” The new music is called “Bagboy,” and the video for the single is pretty strange, just like the music itself.

“Bagboy” follows a young teen who sneaks into a home and steals a credit card, using it to buy all manner of food and nonsense to wreak havoc on a home. We see him smashing plates, taking a Fruit Loops-filled bath, and otherwise behaving like a juvenile delinquent. Most of this is just plain rotten behavior, but I think most of us could get down with some indoor battles featuring silly string. According to the PixiesOfficialTV YouTube channel, the video was directed by LAMAR+NIK .

While it sounds like Kim Deal’s voice appears in the song around the 2-minute mark, Black Francis noted via his forum that it’s not actually Deal on the song. Instead its Francis’ friend and occasional Pixies collaborator Jeremy Dubs. Since "Bagboy" was created and recorded last October in Wales without Deal, it stands to reason that the group knew Deal was done even before the announcement was made on June 14. If that’s true, announcing she was leaving could have just been a sneaky lead-in to publicize this single.

When “Bagboy” dropped yesterday, the rumor mill abounded once more with hopes that The Pixies might put together another full-length album. However, Consequence of Sound is reporting that won’t be happening, at least, according to The Pixies’ publicist. The more likely hope to hold on to would be that the band decides to go on tour, again. The Pixies have been off of the road since 2011, but the last time the group released a single, there were tour dates galore. We’ll keep you posted if that happens, and until then you can just watch the “Bagboy” video on repeat or just download the song for free via The Pixies’ site. If you are not so down with the new track, you can just check out this live version of “Where is My Mind” and try to remember why you loved the band in the first place.



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