No Doubt has chosen to pull the video from Youtube for the bands newest single “Looking Hot,” after complaints have arisen from Native American groups that claim the video’s content is offensive. The video features lead singer Gwen Stefani in some pretty skantastic headdresses and animal skins in a Wild West setting, while other band members play instruments in other varieties of western attire.

While the “Looking Hot” video by no means has any malicious intent behind it, it does perpetuate some stereotypes about Native American behaviors, including headdresses and smoke signals (that are a ridiculous pink color in this video). Plus, it probably doesn’t help that Stefani is in trouble with the law for a good chunk of the video. The band maintains they consulted Native American studies experts at the University of California before moving forward with the endeavor, but the video’s issues seem to be more of a matter of theme, and not one of costume or dress.

The “Looking Hot” video was released on Friday, November 2 and had been pulled by the band by November 3. After deciding to pull the video, the band released a statement on its website, noting why the decision was made to take the track off of Youtube and Vevo. In the statement, No Doubt also apologized, noting, “Being hurtful to anyone is simply not who we are." Although the video has been taken off of many of the major sites, you can still check it out via various outlets, including Dailymotion.



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