A band from Mexico City has put together the seemingly unfathomable, creating a music video entirely from Instagram snapshots. Without seeing it firsthand, the music video, “Invasión,” probably sounds like it would be a little clunky. However, the Plastics Revolution’s video actually does Instagram a service, telling a fluid story in just a few thousand pictures.

If I make the video sound like it was a breeze to shoot, it wasn’t. ABC News is reporting “Invasión” took five months to put together after the photos were shot by photographer Arturo Perez. The Plastics Revolution and Perez describe the process as being a “nightmare” to finish, as Perez shot 45,000 pictures and then they had to whittle those pictures down to 1,905 to create the vision above. It didn’t help that the band and Perez were in different locations and had to work out the details via e-mail and Skype.

“Invasión” is the first music video to be shot exactly in this manner, without any video footage and only Instagram as a source, and it has put The Plastics Revolution on the map. The song and video’s a colorful, cute affair that tells a tale about a couple hopping around San Francisco locations after finding a map in a bottle. The song's in Spanish, but if Instagram or pop music is your thing, it’s probably worth checking out. If you like the track, you can hear more from the band over at Bandcamp.



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