There are a lot of failure videos on the Internet, but in most of them, women are severely underrepresented. As a society, we’re very comfortable laughing at injured dudes. If we’re given some kind of assurances the guy eventually walked it off, we’ll bellow without hesitation at just about any fall, shot to the nuts or household mishap. With women, however, most of us have a line. We don’t typically like to see permanent scars or broken bones.

Luckily, the newest compilation video from the Fail Army walks that line perfectly. Featuring over ten minutes of footage, it more than makes up for every single free pass women have ever gotten in the fail department previously. Take a watch at the hilarity below…

Without question, my favorite clip in this entire video is the one with the little girl running toward the mini pool, jumping and completely missing the water. That pretty much defines the whole idea of cute failure. It’s the type of funny you can laugh at and know the little girl will laugh about when she grows up too. It’s just good harmless fun.

That being said, I also let out a few shocked laughs at some of the ones in which someone may have actually gotten injured like the volleyball spike to the face and the broken baseball bat piñata.



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