Michael from the popular YouTube channel V Sauce makes his living asking utterly bizarre questions and then answering them using scientific theorems, proofs and common knowledge. To date, he’s asked such gems as do humans need their brains for everything, why do we have two nostrils and does your red look like my red. Consequently, when he was asked to give a Ted Talk, he immediately gravitated toward a crazy question.

How much does a YouTube video way? Every month, Michael’s videos are watched by millions of people, but are those people watching anything that has actual mass? It turns out the answer is yes, and we know this because of Einstein. Electrons must move in order to make a video appear on the screen, and when they do, they create energy and since energy is related to mass, we know YouTube videos have to have mass.

It’s that type of crazy logic that’s kept VSauce on top. Well, at least that and his staunch commitment to providing responsible answers to people’s questions and figuring out a way to shorehorn in a whole lot of science while he does it.

Here’s to hoping Michael continues churning out weighty videos for decades to come.



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