Celebrities get arrested all the time. An overwhelming majority of those arrests, however, are related to drugs, drunk driving, disorderly conduct or minor assault cases. Each incident is obviously a big deal to the celebrities themselves, but to the general public, they’re not anything more than of brief interest. Now and again, however, someone famous screw up in a profoundly weird way, and that’s where the fine people over at Mental Floss come in.

Usual host John Green was out this week with a prior engagement or lupus or some shit; so, producers enlisted the services of Grace Helbig from Daily Grace to operate as a fill-in. She doesn’t have nearly as much snark as the popular children’s author, but she has a certain charm about her that plays well with the subject matter. This week, the show tackled 26 unusual celebrity arrests, and while you’re likely to know some of the stories (like Amanda Bynes running into a police car), a few you’ll probably be hearing about for the first time.

For example: are you aware Rip Torn once got so drunk he confused his house with a nearby bank and broke in after a long night of partying? He had a gun on his person at the time, and there was legitimate questions as to whether or not he was trying to rob the bank. I’d criticize him more here, but good old Rip probably doesn’t even have the most ridiculous alcohol-fueled bust in the video. That honor, I would say, belongs to New Kids On The Block member Donnie Wahlberg who took his vodka into the hallway of a hotel after a long night of boozing and got the brilliant idea to set it on fire. He was promptly arrested for arson.

It’s extremely difficult to predict which random celebrities might get arrested over the next decade and possibly be featured on an updated version of Mental Floss arrests in the future, but I can promise you the rich and the famous will continue to get busted, some of them in very bizarre ways. There’s just way too many of them to ever collectively be on their best behavior for a long period of time.

If you’re new to Mental Floss and want to see how the show looks with its typical host, you can check out John Green work his magic below. This is 50 Common Misquotations



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