Watch This Terrifying US Navy Video About Bath Salts

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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I donít think thereís a single drug in the world that scares me more than bath salts. The idea of putting an unknown combination of substances into my body is terrifying, and coupled with all of the news reports about crazy and paranoid behavior, I can see no reason why I would ever ingest bath salts. If I needed a reminder of why, however, I got it this morning when I came across a US Navy Medical video about the dangers of the drug.

In just a few weeks, the video has been viewed almost five hundred thousand times, and quite frankly, it gets even scarier upon the second watch. Take a look at the footage belowÖ

Iím really glad this video stops with the Prodigyís ďSmack My Bitch UpĒ first person camera work part of the way through in order to just have a sensible conversation about the effects of this scary drug. Because, as interesting as the first portion is, itís always better to just lay the information out there rather than trying to scare people into avoiding a substance with a fictional work.

Hereís to hoping this video convinces at least a few teenagers to get their kicks in the form of marijuana instead of bath salts.
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