Worship music might be well-intentioned and deeply meaningful to a lot of people, but a healthy percentage of the time, it lacks any true originality. Those of us who spent every Sunday growing up in youth group are well aware of that, and the fine folks over at Blimey Cow are too.

Recently, they put together a tongue-in-cheek video quickly outlining how to write a generic worship song in five minutes, and the formula actually works like a charm and legitimately sounds like a healthy percentage of the music listened to in church basements. Take a look at the specifics below…

It makes sense that worship songs should (often) be more on the simplistic side in order to allow for sing-a-longs and for high schoolers to play them on acoustic guitars, but there’s no reason why a healthy amount of creativity can’t work alongside those rules. Striving for more should be everyone’s goal, whether on a sacred or secular path.

In just a few short days, the above clip has already generated more than two hundred thousand views, many of which are from youth group veterans who sympathize with every single moment of this tape, starting with the bad power point presentation.



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