Watch This Video To Find Out What Might Happen If A Baby Is Born In Space

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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For more than a decade, the citizens of Earth have maintained a constant presence in space. At no point during the last twelve years has even a day gone by without at least one person orbiting our planet, which is an awesome statistic that brings up an interesting question. What would happen if a baby were born in space?

Thatís the basic question behind V Sauceís latest video, which sounds about right for a guy fascinated by human affection, brains and the possibility the sun will disappear. Unfortunately, like usual, thereís no easy answer for a question this hypothetical. The effects of space on adults would seem to indicate children born in space would grow up with softer bones, less muscle strength and a higher capacity for Alzheimerís, but the truth is we have no idea how the human body might adapt if it were born into that situation. In fact, weíre not even sure if itís possible for a woman to conceive in space because of how orbit affects sperm.

Itís not a question of if, itís a question of when a baby is born in space. At some point, traveling outside of Earth will be an activity available to a larger group of people, and when that happens, a woman will give birth. Hereís to hoping we have as good of a sense of the pros and cons as we can when that happens.
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