Why Don't We All Have Cancer? This Video Lays It Out

By Mick Joest 2 years ago
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Cancer is the scariest word thrown around in most languages today. Itís the terrifying disease that can hit any part of the body, and we all know where it can end. Vsauce, however, offers hope in his latest video and explains the intricacies of the big C. By the end youíll find the answer to why we donít all have Cancer is far from the most interesting given in this video.

The fact that we are now extending the lives of 50% of Cancer victims by ten years is a feat that is not taken lightly. The video states that the rate could increase by as much as 3/4ís by 2030. If so, the disease becomes a lot less scary. Sixty years of research is responsible for that awesomeness and shows how far weíve come in our understanding of the disease. For those like myself who thought all this time weíve learned next to nothing, it is a huge relief.

Another very interesting part that got my mind reeling is the concept of the natural selection shadow. A big question Iíve always had is why the life expectancy of people in the past was so low as opposed to now. The simple answer is that it wasnít, and that lots of people just died way early on in life and werenít reaching maturity like we were. This screwed with the average life expectancy and made it look a lot lower than the ages people who had reached maturity were living. We are talking about a time period where a fever could mean your end. So, another tip of the hat to modern medicine for getting that under control!

So, why donít we all have Cancer? Our body has autocorrect... kind of like an iPhone. It's naturally capable of course correcting and fightin off illnesses.Thatís really concerning because my iPhone is far from accurate in making the right call on wording on a daily basis. Maybe a better comparison would be like an English teacher grading your paper? They have a much higher success rate, and will throw it in your face with red pen. As much as that scarred me growing up Iíd like to think itís a better analogy for my Cancer protection if you donít mind Vsauce.
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