Ricky Martin Signs Deal With Universal Television For New Series, Specials

By Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-07-30 12:19:09 discussion comments
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Ricky Martin Signs Deal With Universal Television For New Series, Specials image
Get ready to see a lot more of Latino pop star Ricky Martin on your television set. The singer has signed a deal with Universal Television that will see him developing and starring in a new series as well as appearing in various specials.

Martin, who just popped by Glee for a guest appearance recently as a Spanish teacher, has been starring in Evita on Broadway. Looks like he痴 going to be leaving the stage lights of live theater behind soon, and stepping in front of the lights of a sound stage and a television camera a lot more instead. Deadline says he has finalized a talent-holding deal with Universal to develop his own series among other television appearances. Pretty good for a guy I would have sworn was headed for a disappearance into obscurity after his pop music star days. Martin has actually done pretty well for himself post Vida Loca, proving me entirely wrong regarding his flash-in-the-pan star status.

There痴 no information on what type of series he値l be working on with Universal, but I would guess we値l see some sort of reality show, possibly a talent competition series. I知 hoping that痴 not the case, however, since I am not sure how many more shows of that sort we can take. Perhaps we値l be pleasantly surprised and Martin will come up with something new and interesting, but we値l have to wait on more details. In the meantime, fans can look forward to Martin swinging those Latin hips onto their TV screens in the near future, whatever the vehicle might be.
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