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I’d nearly given up on Angelina Jolie. After a string of failures, including big stinkers like the Tomb Raider movies and smaller flops filled with copious amounts of well acted sex, it seemed like whatever promise she showed in projects like Gia was being squandered. Jolie has talent, but she insists on blowing it in listless projects like Taking Lives. Then I saw Sky Captain and suddenly it seems like Angie is back. Her role was small, but electric. She’s the highlight of the film as an eyepatched military woman, doing the usual Jolie oozing of sex. That’s what I like to see Angie, give me more.

Her next project put her opposite Brad Pitt in Mr. And Mrs. Smith, and it looks like it could be a winner. Sexual tension and extreme violence are the order of the day in this War of the Roses meets True Lies marital action flick. She and Pitt star as a married couple who also happen to be hitmen. But they’re not a team, and things get a little weird when each is hired to kill the other. Bazookas in the bedroom ensue.

This movie wasn’t even on my radar until the trailer hit a few days ago, but the look is really sharp. Both Pitt & Jolie in need of something special, and you can’t really go wrong by throwing two of the prettiest actors on the planet together in the same film. Bonus points since they’re also really kickass actors.

Of course those of you who whined and moaned about the shaky cam in The Bourne Supremacy may want to stay away. Mr. And Mrs. Smith is directed by the same guy who produced Supremacy, Doug Liman. Personally, I’m opposed to the shaky cam, but he and his man Greengrass, made it viable in The Bourne Supremacy. The shaky cam worked well for Supremacy as a way to hyper-realize its great car chases, but Mr. And Mrs. Smith looks to require a little more intimate filmmaking style, hopefully Liman can tone that shaking down a tad, which he used himself to a smaller extent in directing The Bourne Identity. Look for Mr . & Mrs. Smith as a 2005 summer release.

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