Robot Chicken: Star Wars -- Episode II

Robot Chicken took it up a notch with their release of an all-Star Wars parody sketch special in 2007, and Robot Chicken: Star Wars -- Episode II on DVD is a great follow up to the original.


Knowing starts off in 1959, when a time capsule full of envelopes with children's drawings depicting their predictions of the future is buried at an elementary school. However, one envelope contains a long series of numbers eerily and obsessively written out by girl in the class.

12 Rounds (Extreme Cut)

Whenever athletes turn to acting, I always get a little ache in my stomach. Everyone knows how painful it is to watch someone who was successful at one thing try to expand out into a void they just can't fill. At least with athletes-gone-actors, there's usually plenty of bright, pretty explosions to keep you occupied in between the uncomfortable awkwardness of poorly delivered lines.

The International

German Director Tom Tykwer of the cult classic Run Lola Run brings to the screen a somewhat sophomoric script by Eric Singer in The International. It's a rather mundane look at a mundane profession: banking. While the movie has at least one saving grace, the convoluted plot and erroneous logic drag what could have been a good intrigue movie down into an abyss of cliched archetypes and plot twists that are so foreshadowed that they are no longer twists but just matter-of-fact happenings in the story.

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