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The Imaginarium, FoxNext Games and Imaginati released the official trailer for The Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier, which is an upcoming cinematic experience that is promising to be the evolution of titles like Telltale's The Walking Dead. The trailer for Last Frontier focuses on the bonds and strength of family.

The minute and 23 second long trailer follows up on the official announcement that took place just yesterday, where IGN received an exclusive about the game and how it is played and what players can expect from it, including how the game would not allow for direct control of any of the characters, there is no camera control, and there is no item management or inventory organization required. The game has been described as a cinematic bridge between movies and video games, very similar to Quantic Dream's titles.

As for the new trailer for the upcoming game, it starts with voice-overs about the responsibilities for those protecting their home, and those protecting their family.

We get shots of the humans who own a farm, and the apes who are surviving in the wild. There's a juxtaposition between the apes attempting to survive and the humans attempting to survive, both of whom put their priorities in protecting family.

The trailer isn't all feels and sentimentality, though. There are glimpses of action that we see briefly taking place, where the apes attack the farmers at their home, apparently killing one of them in the process.

The trailer features a lot of content from a small clip that was released, featuring just over five minutes worth of gameplay. It centered around a small band of apes who contemplate raiding the farm for human food in order to feed their own. Much like Telltale Games, Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier allows players to make life-altering decisions for the characters that may have long-lasting consequences and effects. Players will also make decisions for both the human side and the ape side.

According to developers Imaginati, the goal was to create something that players could replay multiple times over. Much like Telltale's titles, it's only a couple of hours long, anywhere between two and three hours in length. The goal is to encourage gamers to go back and play it again, making different decisions and seeing different outcomes.

As showcased in the trailer, Last Frontier is being built with the Unreal Engine 4, and the developers have been attempting to get the visuals as close to the fidelity of the movies as possible.

As far as lighting and shaders are concerned, the developers have done a fantastic job lighting the game's environments to look a little bit like the Planet of the Apes movies. However, the character model designs and character shaders are still a ways off from being photorealistic.

Nevertheless, we'll get to see how well this all comes together when it launches this fall for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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