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PS Vita owners won't get the opportunity to play Dungeon Defenders on their handheld after all. Trendy Entertainment has confirmed that they've scrapped plans for a Vita version of the action RPG/tower defense hybrid.

Trendy first revealed the Vita Dungeon in the early days of 2011. It seemed likely that it would arrive by the end of 2012. However, the company made no mention of the port during or before E3, which wasn't a promising sign.

In a post on their official forums, Trendy said that they believe the Vita is a "very capable platform." However, they've decided to focus resources on "other pursuits."

"We can’t talk about these at the moment, the company said of these mysterious projects. "In fact, you may not hear about these for quite some time. But trust us when we say it’ll be worth the wait."

In Dungeon Defenders, players must fend off waves of monsters advancing on the map. Each character class has a number of unique spells or abilities at their disposal, and can construct towers to assist with the defense. Working together with teammates to combine the different class' abilities is the key to success.

Defenders is the first game developed by Trendy and it's been a roaring success. As of February, the game has sold one million copies across Xbox 360, PS3, Mac, PC, iOS and Android.

The commercial success makes it likely that Trendy will eventually make a sequel. Perhaps that's what they're working on now? Whatever Trendy's new projects are, it's possible that the Vita will be one of the targeted platforms so chin up, fellas.

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