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Terrence Malick has been so busy lately he seems to be officially making up for all that time he spent not making movies at all. After waiting 20 dormant years between his second film, Days of Heaven, and his third, The Thin Red Line, Malick has released two films in the last 7 years, including this year's Palme d'Or winner and arthouse summer hit Tree of Life. He's already got another movie in post-production, starring Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel Weisz and Tree of Life's Jessica Chastain. And now Twitch reports that he's lining up another project, this one to reteam him with his The New World star Christian Bale and shoot as soon as early next year.

But though Tree of Life millennia in telling the story of a single family, and the upcoming next movie boasts a large cast and a rumored complicated story about small-town drama, the Bale movie would apparently be a lot more limited. Twitch says it's more of a two-person story, and he's currently in the process of finding the right leading lady to star opposite Bale-- the options, all significantly younger than Bale, include Rooney Mara, Haley Bennet, Clemence Poesy and Mia Wasikowska. All of those actresses are perfectly talented and could likely handle themselves opposite Bale, but with no idea what the story entails, we can't really judge much further from this distance.

I'm not sure what's gotten into Malick, but whether it's a super-soldier serum or a sudden flood of great ideas, it's amazing to see such a unique, impossible to pin down filmmaker working at this sped-up rate. Of course, we haven't yet seen one of the films that he's made on this relatively condensed schedule-- Tree of Life was labored over for years and meticulously edited in his usual style. Will the new one, the Affleck one, suffer for having been made at such an atypically fast pace? Provided it sticks to its planned release date of next year, presumably we'll know soon enough.
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