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Yesterday was a beautiful weather day in Park City-- kinda warm, brilliantly sunny, and not nearly as crowded as it's been now that the festival is pretty much over. So for the first time Matt Patches and I made it to Main Street to record a video blog about a movie we'd seen separately in the previous few days, The Sound of My Voice. The movie only started getting buzz late in the festival, on something of a parallel track to Another Earth; both films star and were partially written by Brit Marling, an actress who started earning the title of "Sundance It Girl" as if we hadn't been saying the same thing about Elizabeth Olsen earlier in the festival.

I already recorded a video blog of Another Earth with Erin McCarthy, which you can watch here; to find out what Patches and I thought of Sound of My Voice-- a movie that a lot of people we know loved, for what it's worth-- check out the video blog below. We're seeing one more movie today as we recover from last night's closing night party, so check that one out, probably to be recorded in the Salt Lake City airport. Sundance isn't quite over yet, believe it or not!

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