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The title of the video says it all. This video contains a gross amount of bass lines! Some of the riffs you will hear in this video are expected, and some are completely out of left field. I wouldn’t consider the bass line from The Black Eyed Peas “Let’s Get It Started” iconic, nor would I say the bass line from Blur’s “Song 2” or Guns And Roses' “Sweet Child Of Mine”, which will always be outshined by the guitar version. That being said, I have to say this guy is incredibly talented at stringing together a hundred songs and playing them flawlessly!

You might think the influx of songs from The Red Hot Chili Peppers is a bit much, but when we’re talking bass it’s well warranted. Flea (the bassist for RHCP), has long stood out as one of the masters of the instrument. Watching a typical bass player and then watching him perform is like witnessing the face of God. If you’ve never seen Flea in action, you need to check this out…

A common criticism I’ve often heard on Flea’s playing style is, “Oh he’s just playing like a guitarist.” If you know a guitarist, ask them if they can play the bass for you, it’s a whole different ball game. Basses have heavier strings, require a rhythm to sound good, and a shit load of finger strength. If you pick up a bass and play for fifteen minutes, you’re going to walk out with a finger bruise.

Outside of a few virtuosos, however, bass players are typically the butt of most band jokes. Usually the bass player is reserved for the least talented guitarist since the majority of people choose to learn guitar. This leads to unimaginative bass lines, which perpetuates the myth that bass is a boring and somewhat unnecessary instrument. This needs to change! Can you imagine the rock world today if more kids learned to play the bass correctly? We might have been able to escape the Nickelback era! Or, perhaps, it at least would have been a little better.

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