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I guess Link couldn't stop the moon from falling after all (Majora's Mask references are still topical, right?). A gigantic moon is wreaking havoc on the streets of China as the result of a major typhoon.

On Wednesday morning, a large balloon made to resemble the full moon was loosed from the platform that was holding it in place by the strong winds of super typhoon Meranti. As a result, the streets of Fuzhou, a large city in southeastern China, were plagued by the mammoth moon balloon, as it rolled over cars, construction sites, and one unlucky woman on a scooter. Check out the insane video yourself.

Why was this moon balloon even set up in the first place? Thanks for asking. It was constructed to be a part of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival. According to local news site Shanghaiist, several cities across China have set up moon models in preparation for the annual festival, which lasts from this Thursday, Sept. 15 through Saturday, Sept. 17 this year.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is an ancient celebration meant to celebrate the end of autumn harvest, said to date centuries back to the Shang dynasty. The festival still holds important religious and cultural significance to the citizens of China today, as it is now a three-day public holiday in the country. The celebration consists of carrying ornate lanterns, watching or performing ritualistic dances, and eating mooncakes (round pastries typically filled with red bean or lotus seed paste), among other things.

Unfortunately, the lead-up to this year's celebration coincides with the arrival of super typhoon Meranti in mainland China. The devastating storm has been hitting Taiwan hard in the past few days, and now it's just outside of China, with raging winds estimated to be reaching 145 mph, according to

Of course, one buoyant moon-shaped balloon just couldn't stand up to those overwhelming blows. Meranti batted the giant inflatable around like a cat with a ball of yarn, but at least it doesn't look like the moon caused any damage. Though it was rolling over cars and even people, the lightweight balloon appears to have actually been more entertaining then actually threatening. In fact, people online are loving it so much that a bunch of users on the Chinese social media site Weibo have been turning the balloon into memes.

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