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Over the past two plus decades, America’s Funniest Home Videos has gifted audiences with plenty of nut shots and wedding pratfalls, but now and again, the long-running show has also given fans some moments of genuine cuteness too. A little more than a year ago, a YouTube user uploaded a classic video from the Bob Saget era featuring a little boy trying to help his sister over a gap in the sidewalk. Over the past few weeks, people have begun flocking to the footage, and it has now soared to over one million views.

And with good reason too. This touching clip might be the greatest the show has ever given us, and even in all its fuzziness, it remains an enduring example of what being a big brother is all about. Check it out below…

I have no idea who these kids are or how their parents taught them such great manners, but if I have children, I hope they’re this wonderful. Though in a perfect world, my daughter would probably be athletic enough to just jump over the hole in the ground herself. Regardless, I’m glad this footage exists, and I’m glad it’s trending. There are few things more pleasing to the heart than watching children help each other along.

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