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Aldi Employees Recorded Videos Of Women Bending Over To Nab Products

Today something has happened that has convinced me Aldi is the skeeziest place on earth. Not that I didn’t have inklings before. From the cheap goods to the dirt encrusted corners, and even to the employees that give me the heeby jeebies, I have always had the suspicion that the Germany-based chain is second only to dingy pubs on the food chain.

In order to beat out the dingy pub for grossest place on earth, Aldi had to do two things. First, employees at the chain had to hang out near security cameras, zooming in on women with revealing clothing as they bent over to nab items off of the shelves. Second, the employees then had to burn discs of the women to hand out among the people who worked there. Apparently, the aforementioned misbehavior happened at a company branch in Germany, according to Der Spiegel, but it still reflects badly on the chain, which has plenty of stores in the United States.

On another note, this gross and absurd videotaping begs a question: what kind of woman goes shopping for groceries in miniskirts and other revealing clothing? I can’t count the number of times I have had to step up on a lower shelf in order to nimbly reach for something on a high shelf, or bend and snap to scoop off a bottom shelf. If you want efficiency, you really want sweat pants.