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What's better than Ben Folds Five getting back together for a new album? Ben Folds Five getting back together and then doing a music video featuring the Fraggles. Speaking as a former Fraggle-loving child of the 80s, who then went on to become a Ben Folds Five-loving adolescent in the 90's, the new music video for Ben Folds Five's "Do It Anyway" strikes a nostalgic chord for me.

No one rocks out quite like those Fraggles, but Ben Folds Five sure does give the rock-dwelling muppets a run for their radishes. In addition to various Fraggles - including an intro by Gobo's worldly Uncle Traveling Matt - the music video features appearances by the Nerdist Chris Hardwick, Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick and Children's Hospital's Rob Corddy. Be sure to watch it all the way to the end because there's a pretty fantastic tribute to the Jim Henson series after "Do It Anyway" wraps up.


Not only does watching that make me regret not being able to make it to New York City last week to catch Ben Folds Five's Central Park concert, but now I'm craving some Fraggle Rock!

Ben Folds Five's The Sound of the Life of the Mind is expected to release tomorrow (September 18). It's currently available for preorder on iTunes.

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