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Here’s a do it yourself that even the least artistically inclined can pull off. All you need are a decent quality printer, the right type of paper, and a piece of wood! If you know where to find those three, you are already on track to success! But success with what? What would you possibly want with an ink-designed piece of wood?

While the Doctor Who wood piece in the video was well-intentioned and almost certainly timey-wimey, the final product left something to be desired. You can see many streaks from the printer lines on the wood and it looks a little sloppy, but it's still a much better solution than trying to do this any other way. I think it would be more successfully executed for a project where you were trying to make a sign with black text. Can you imagine how sweet it would be to throw some text on there and make it like a sign you’d see in Minecraft or Zelda?

Browsing through the comments, I can assert what Steve said in his video once again: if you do this, be careful. Moving the picture once it is on the wood will cause it to smear and will make you start over from scratch. If you printed a sheet with a bunch of random colors, however, smearing it could make a really cool design for you to paint over later. Can you imagine how cool you would be with a wooden tie-dye sign with your name on it?

The coolest DIY jobs I’ve seen online involve the people who put their own family photos on wood. So many times I look through old worn photos and wonder what they looked like back when they were taken. Doing this would not necessarily protect the quality of the photo or make it better, but it would make it more durable and a potential keepsake for a loved one to hold onto for many years. Even as a guy who is primarily interested in new tech and video games, I can say that I would love a gift like this, especially if the wood was set up like a picture frame I could prop up!

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