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Ever been curious about the moon? Think you got it all figured out? You may think you know how big the moon is, its size in relation to other moons, or even how long it would take to fly a plane there. Oh, you don’t know that? Well what are you waiting for?! Take a gander.

This video really makes it clear just how awesome it is that we traveled to the moon! 380,000 kilometers is the equivalent to a little over 236,000 miles. Just to give you some perspective on that, you would have to travel around the world 20 times to equal that distance. That’s a lot of refueling, a lot of miles on a vehicle, and a ton of pee breaks. It’s amazing that with current technology, it only takes about two days for space ships to make it there!

So, if the Moon contains the surface area of China, the U.S.A, Europe, and South America, does that mean it could hold the population sizes as well? If that were true, that means that the moon would cap out at around 2,791,400,000 people. Obviously those people would be packed together like tuna, but I guess no water on your surface does have its advantages. Without water, would it even be worth it to live on the moon?

Right now, the answer is no, and not just because of a lack of water. NASA is currently trying to figure out just how much radiation the moon is exposed to and how badly this would affect our bodies over a prolonged period of time. In addition to the potential radiation sickness, there’s also the nastiness of particles on the moon’s surface that fly up when they are exposed to Cosmic rays. They can have potentially life-threatening consequences, and at this point, shielding can’t protect from that over an extended period of time. Scientists have been working on this problem, however, since 2008. and right now the tentative goal is to have the first moon colony by the year 2020. Despite the long travel and risks involved, I feel I’m not only speaking for myself when I say I would want to be a part of the first space colony!

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