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Mary J Blige Sued Over Deposit For Cancelled Concert

Mary J Blige is not an accountant or a financial manager. She’s a musician, and like so many other musicians, she’s not particularly great with money. For a long time, she apparently got away with playing fast and loose, but unfortunately, the less than sound monetary decisions are really starting to catch up to her. She owes the government millions in unpaid taxes, her charity is behind the eight ball, and this week, she was just hit with a lawsuit.

According to TMZ, Blige was allegedly supposed to perform at a concert in Dallas, Texas back in December, but that gig never wound up happening. Such cancellations occur all the time in the music business, but if Vision Entertainment Worldwide is to be believed, Blige never paid back her upfront deposit fee, which, obviously, didn’t sit so well with the company that’s allegedly now out $145,000, especially given the circumstances the cancellation happened under.

The Texas appearance Blige initially booked was supposed to happen on December 9th, but a few days prior to the event, she reportedly cut the cord in favor of doing something else, something a little more splashy with her time. Check out the video that was taken on December 8 below…

That’s Blige performing as an honored guest of the Rolling Stones in New York City at the recently opened Barclays Center a day prior to the cancelled concert. Given the status of said band and the unique awesomeness of said collaboration, it’s not shocking the beloved musician would have jumped at the chance, but given her gigantic, millions-in-the-whole money problems, she can’t always make decisions with her heart anymore. Besides, with some hard work, she could have actually done this, drove to the airport and flown to Dallas. No doubt that would have been a major headache, but if she’d dealt with it then, she wouldn’t be facing this lawsuit now.

Because this lawsuit is in its infancy, it’s unclear whether it will end in a settlement or an actual court battle, but regardless, the real issue for Mary is the IRS problem. As many celebrities have found out, Uncle Sam doesn’t screw around when it comes to unpaid tabs. From garnished wages to seized bank accounts to extended prison sentences, the punishments are very real, and given Blige’s otherworldly talent and how much joy she brings to fans, it would be extremely disappointing for everyone if she wound up in a situation where she was unable to create music and make appearances for her fans.

We’ll keep you updated as this case works its way through the court system.

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