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One Track Sunday: Taylor Momsen Gets Naked For Under The Water Video

One Track Sunday has decided to take the term “new music” pretty lightly this week, thanks to a pretty bizarre new ‘music video’ from the punk band The Pretty Reckless, which counts none other than Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen as the band’s lead singer. Recently, the band released, “Under the Water,” a spoken word track that features Momsen talking about some painful stuff while she is completely nude.

Before you get too eager or angry, the video is pretty blurry when it comes to any sensitive parts. But it does highlight the actress and singer’s skinny figure and prolific signature black eye makeup, which I’m pretty sure even manages to one-up Avril Lavigne. The video was shot by Tim Mattia and incorporates a black and white color scale and some really strange shot close-ups of various body parts, before panning out to show Momsen’s figure. The “Under the Water” track itself is a whole lot more painful, as Momsen takes a negative worldview for the spoken words.

“And if I cried unto my mother, she wasn't there for me. Broken lines across my mirror show my face all red and bruised. And though I screamed and I screamed no one came running, I wasn't saved from you. Don't let the water drag you down, don't let me drown in the waves.”

Momsen’s band produced an EP back in March, but their most recent endeavor (other than “Under the Water”) is a track created for the Frankenweenie soundtrack called “Only You.” That song is more of a legitimate idea of the type of stuff the band produces, but it also doesn’t feature a naked actress, so I suppose there are pros and cons to both videos.

Jessica Rawden
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