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Should Restaurant Tipping Be Banned? This Video Makes A Case

Should tipping be banned? College Humor's Adam Conover makes a case for it in this video, which has him explaining the origins and reasons behind tipping your waiter, and questioning whether or not it's time for the practice to die out...

Tipping is generally considered proper form in most American restaurants, however not everyone agrees that the practice is the right way for servers to be compensated for their hard work. In the above video, Adam Conover makes the argument that tipping actually "shortchanges servers, inconveniences customers and makes the dining experience worse." As someone who hates math, I'm not going to lie, I don't love having to figure out how to make sure the person who served me my food is fairly paid for their efforts. But on the other hand, the system is set up that way, so that a tip isn't a bonus, but part of the server's compensation. The question is, should the system stay that way? Or should restaurants pay their staff the same way other businesses pay their employees.

Adam Conover (Bojack Horseman) questions why it's the patrons responsibility to make sure the restaurant's employee is paid fairly, and notes that tipping is a relatively new custom, which apparently rose to popularity after prohibition, when restaurants were looking for a way to pay their servers less. The custom obviously stuck, which is presumably how restaurants get away with paying their servers less than minimum wage.

But what about servers getting paid better tips if they give better service? Conover's argument to that cites a Cornell University study, which notes that the amount of a tip is a bit more random than quality of service, and that the increase on a tip for better service is minimal.


If you've worked in the service industry, maybe you're more inclined to argue that tips are necessary and fair. Those who've worked at other jobs where they're required to work with customers and do their job with a smile, but don't receive a tip for their efforts may think tipping should be an even broader practice than it is. Or perhaps you're with Conover in thinking that tipping is an inconvenient and unnecessary practice and should be phased out. Feel free to vote your feelings in the poll below...

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