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Watch This Adorable Video Of Jay-Z Talking To An Old Woman On The Subway

Back in October, Jay-Z decided to take the Subway to his eighth and final performance at Brooklyn’s brand new Barclays Center. News of his impromptu, man of the people journey spread very quickly and several onlookers reported the hip-hop icon sat down and had a conversation with a polite older woman. This week, footage of that encounter finally emerged, and it’s even more adorable than you might expect.

From questions about his identity to pats on the back for taking the subway, the sweet woman, later identified as artist Ellen Grossman, was exactly what the rapper needed prior to putting on his final performance. You can take a look at their exchange below…

This video is a good indication of why so many people identify with Jay-Z. At his core, he’s just a normal dude, and he’s clearly not offended in the least that this woman doesn’t recognize him. He just wants to sit down and have a normal conversation with her. In fact, were it not for the crazy hoopla his appearances would bring, he’d probably prefer to take the Subway around New York like everyone else.

By all accounts, Jay-Z’s work with the Barclays Center has gone swimmingly. The Nets are playing good basketball. The venue is attracting some high end talent, and obviously, the people of Brooklyn are still excited about their hometown boy.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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