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There are a lot of weird and ugly fish in the sea, but a strong case could be made that none are as hideous or creepy as the Anglerfish. A master of camouflage and unruly behavior, the species is the subject of popular YouTube comedian ZeFrank’s newest installment of “True Facts”, and thanks to its astounding weirdness, it might well provide the best subject matter he’s ever tackled.

Turn your brain on and make sure your gag reflex is working properly. This is “True Facts About The Anglerfish”…

This video has a great jokes to real facts ratio. It understands how obnoxious its subject matter is to begin with and doesn’t push it by manufacturing laughs. It lets the visuals do the talking, and I like how the narrator responds to what we’re seeing at the same time. That’s clever and well-utilized.

Also, how fucked up is it that the female basically just slowly eats the entire male’s body? I read somewhere that the female Anglerfish sometimes has multiple males inside it, which makes me wonder whether she’s actually able to choose who she’s getting the sperm from or if it’s entirely the luck of the draw. That would suck if she had an intelligent, quick-swimming dude and wound up getting knocked up by the idiot mouthbreather who attached onto her later.