If there’s one thing that can be said about Jay-Z, it’s that he’s a hard worker. The man hasn’t slowed down an iota since initially announcing his 12th studio album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, back in June. On Friday, the 43-year-old rapper released the brand new music video for his single “Holy Grail,” which offers fans another incredible collaboration with Justin Timberlake (following JT's big song “Suit & Tie).

The artist’s performance in the video is a little bit similar to one that Jay-Z put on in New York City at the Pace Gallery a few weeks ago. You can tell the rapper generally gets emotionally invested in his performances, even if he is only lip synching for a music video. This time, Jay-Z is in a moody mansion that’s both a little dirty and a little barren. At one point, things get even more weird as barely-clothed individuals pop their legs out from under sheets in a move that changes them from looking like covered furniture into looking like eerie ghosts.

Interestingly, Jay-Z partnered up with another big corporation to get the new music video out to the masses. A few months ago, the man enlisted the help of Samsung to get copies of Magna Carta Holy Grail to Galaxy users for free. This time around, the man opted to partner with Facebook, a site that premiered the music video, holding the rights to exclusively air it for 24 hours. According to Billboard, it’s the first partnership of its kind between Facebook and a major music star, although artists like Macklemore and Timberlake have premiered some content via the Instagram video app on Facebook in recent weeks. Facebook’s looking to become a major contender in the music video release business, and the “Holy Grail” video could go a long way to cement the service as a player in that industry.

The new video popped up right around the time that Showtime released the trailer for another enterprise of Jay-Z’s yesterday. In the past year, the man has worked on a documentary highlighting his work with the Made In America festival. Footage from last year’s big event is shown in the trailer, as well as plenty of philosophical musings. Jay-Z executive produced the film alongside Ron Howard, who directed the endeavor. The Made in America doc will air on Showtime on October 11. I told you Jay-Z is a busy guy.

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