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If you write a book and you’re not sure how to market it, take a page from Matthew Hussey’s playbook. He created the above video as a viral marketing promotion for his new advice text Get The Guy and in one day, it’s already generated more than three hundred thousand views. Given the cute factor of its subject matter, that number will likely only keep ballooning in the coming days too.

There’s something about watching children that’s just entertaining. Whether dominating their little basketball hoops or repeatedly face planting inside their cribs or rocking out to Korn, Internet users are total suckers for such behavior, and this clip exploits that perfectly. I especially love the first girl explaining how weirded out she is that the guy she likes picked her twice in Duck Duck Goose and then failed to even look at her the next day.

I have no idea how many copies of his book Hussey will sell, but I can guarantee you it will be more than had he not created this video. Here’s to hoping whatever knowledge he has for women about how to attract men leaves readers a little less lost than the poor little girls in this video.