Remember five years ago or so when people got excited about recording themselves watching 2 Girls, 1 Cup? Well, the fine people over at FineBros have turned that concept into a pretty successful YouTube Channel, though instead of reactions to 2 Girls, 1 Cup, they choose less disgusting content and string responses together in a montage type deal.

Sometimes little kids are chosen to watch. Sometimes old people are picked. To take in Psy’s new video for Gentleman, they decided to go with his target demographic: teenagers, and quite a few of the responses are pretty hysterical including the girl who admits she has farted in her hand and stuck it in a friend’s face before.

One of the great things about watching live sports is that they make you feel like you’re taking it alongside millions of other people, whether they’re there or not. There’s a togetherness and a cohesion, even if no one else is in the room with you. This is basically the same concept, and I can’t wait to go through dozens more of the videos the channel has already posted.

Depending on how small of a sample pool the creators are pulling from, it’s possible they may eventually run out of people to give reactions, but luckily, there’s no way they’ll ever run out of absurd Internet videos.

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