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I hate when I’m going about a normal day and a Youtube video warps my worldview temporarily. Where is this video? Where is the original copy for this video? Are you an original human being, or merely a copy of those before you? You may have known the answer before, but watching this video will turn your perspective on its replicated head, even if there are some flaws.

True to his usual format, Vsauce makes you question life on a level you wouldn’t normally in this new video. I have to admit the way he drew me in was perfect. Where is this video? Sure it exists on physical form on a hard drive, but it doesn’t really. It’s a code that was taken from a camera, into a computer, uploaded into a server and can be downloaded by any one person at any given moment.

So what makes his copy of the video spectacular? It’s the original of course, but if we can view 100’s of other copies the exact same way as we would a fine art painting, how is it any different? Auras are the answer. We are drawn to originals because of the aura they give off and make us feel knowing we own them. This is where I step in and disagree.

If all the world craved was originals, poster sales would be non existent. Illegal downloading of music and movies would be at a stand still, and I guess in extreme circumstance, no one would want a Blu-ray of the latest movie because it was formatted from its original copy. Auras and originals are nice for the affluent with the money to pay, but the dollar makes the common man settle much easier than VSauce would have us believe. Refuting this part does not derail his argument however, but it does make things a bit more creepy.

While we may think we are individuals, our DNA would suggest otherwise. As Vsauce points out, we are generations upon generations of replicated copies throughout time, and if you really break it down, we are trillionth cousins with rocks. No we aren’t rocks, but as a human species are we nothing more than just replicated copies of each other? Is our mind the only thing fooling us into thinking we have an aura that makes us different or unique from the rest? Yes, or no, either really. Just watch TV until you forget all about this and you’ll feel better.

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