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good girls revolt

Amazon debuted a new period drama called Good Girls Revolt back on October 28, and critics responded well to the series for the quality of the content as well as the timeliness of the premise in the current political climate. Unfortunately for viewers who fell in love with the series during its first and only season, Amazon cancelled Good Girls Revolt only a month after its streaming premiere. Sony Pictures Television was behind production of the series, and the company isn't quite ready to give up on it. Sony is currently shopping Good Girls Revolt around to certain other platforms for a renewal.

Sony is mostly focusing its efforts to score a Good Girls Revolt renewal from cable networks. Freeform, USA Network, and Bravo are all in the running. The production company is also eyeing the major broadcast network ABC and streaming service Hulu. Netflix and Lifetime are reportedly possibilities, but not especially likely. The clock is ticking for one of these platforms to make the call as to whether or not there should be a future for Good Girls Revolt.

The deadline for a renewal is unofficially December 31, at which point the existing contracts for cast members will expire. Extensions on contract options for the actors are possible, but not especially likely given the holiday break that is looming. According to THR, Good Girls Revolt hasn't lost its place in the tax incentive program from the California Film Commission, so at least Sony doesn't have to worry about finances on that front.

It's hard to say which of the targeted platforms is the most likely to order a second season for Good Girls Revolt. Broadcast networks and streaming services alike have been known to pick up shows cancelled by other channels and/or sites. Hulu could be an ideal fit to keep the show on a streaming platform. Still, changes to how it releases its shows back in 2015 mean that a season probably would not be available to binge-watch all at once. Instead, episodes would likely be released on a weekly basis just as they would on broadcast TV.

Interestingly, Freeform (formerly ABC Family) is experimenting with releasing full seasons of new shows streaming all at once, simultaneously with airing live, so it could be a fitting home for Good Girls Revolt. ABC reaches far more people than would tune in on most of the other platforms. Good Girls Revolt would be pretty lucky to find a future there. It's no surprise that Netflix is considered a long shot, however; Amazon and Netflix are competitors in the streaming market, and they aren't particularly likely to make deals with each other.

We may never know the numbers that led to the show's cancellation on Amazon. Creator Dana Calvo has claimed that viewership and completion rates for Season 1 were excellent, but Amazon Studios TV bigwig Joe Lewis has said that the numbers she cited were not accurate and the series just wasn't delivering what Amazon was looking for in a drama series.

Only time will tell if fans of Good Girls Revolt will have the option of watching a Season 2 on another platform. News should break at some point before the December 31 cut-off. Check out our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what else you can watch in the near future.

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