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There’s a certain amount of bravery required of anybody who appears live in front of a camera. Anything really can happen, whether it’s a wardrobe malfunction or a car crash or even a robbery. Unfortunately, for a West Virginia weatherman, a recent incident forced him to face one down one of humankind's most legendary enemies while on live TV. Meteorologist Bryan Hughes was faced with a big giant spider, and he had quite a reaction for viewers. Check it out!

Bryan Hughes may have nearly lost his lunch, but he definitely lost his cool in this clip. Still, a little shrieking is pretty understandable. He wasn’t exactly out in the field reporting on a tornado or an ice storm or something equally dangerous. The WOWK 13 station is presumably a pretty safe place for newscasters. The sudden appearance of a sizable spider on the camera lens had to be shocking in the worst way. Frankly, he deserves all the credit in the world for stopping his reaction with “Geez Louise!” and “Sakes alive!” The censor probably would have had to break out the bleep button if I’d been on camera for the spider’s sudden appearance.

Seriously, that is no small house spider that can probably be killed just by glaring at it. That’s the kind of spider that probably has hair and markings and leaves a noticeable smear when squashed. It belonged nowhere near the safe zone of the weather map.

WOWK serves a number of counties in southern Ohio, eastern Kentucky, and central West Virginia, so at least we now know what kind of spiders might await us if we take a trip to those parts. Bryan Hughes has worked all over the country, but his scream suggests that this was his first arachnid incident on camera. Hopefully, the stars will align and this will continue to be his only arachnid incident on camera.

At least Bryan Hughes can rest easy knowing that he’s far from the only newscaster who has produced some unforgettable bloopers. The best news bloopers of 2015 are definitely worth a watch, and there’s even whole supercut of bloopers from weather reports alone. He certainly had a good excuse for his blooper.

Luckily for everybody, there’s plenty of great TV to watch that doesn’t involve any spiders. To see what you’ll be able to watch in the near future, check out our summer TV premiere schedule. To see what some of what you won’t be able to watch come fall, take a look at our list of shows that have just been cancelled. If you need a laugh to recover from the creepy crawlies of that big old spider, just know that there’s a super violent and expensive Game of Thrones porn parody in the works.

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