Warning: This video contains spoilers for “WandaVision” Episode 1.

The MCU is officially back! Disney+'s new Marvel TV series, “WandaVision” dropped today and it brings back Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany’s Vision. Follow along with CinemaBlend Managing Editor Sean O’Connell’s analysis of this 1950’s inspired episode, which sees Wanda and Vision hilariously struggle to settle into their new home and job. But look out, we’re not the only ones watching…

Video Chapters

00:00 - Intro
01:20 - Why is S.W.O.R.D. Watching Wanda And Vision?
04:20 - Will WandaVision Bring Mutants To The MCU?
06:19 - Does the Classic Sitcom Format Work? Yes!
07:44 - What's The Significance Of The Commercial?

We’ll be getting new installments of WandaVision weekly from now until March (at which time we will see the launch of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier). If you’re now hooked on the Disney+ series, you’ll want to mark your calendars for Fridays at midnight PST/3am EST going forward. We here at CinemaBlend will be watching incredibly closely and providing you with in-depth coverage of everything that’s happening, so after you see the latest episode each week be sure to head back here!