Unstoppable Clips: Denzel Washington Chases Trains

By Josh Tyler 2010-10-25 00:12:21discussion comments
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Unstoppable Clips: Denzel Washington Chases Trains image
For the second time in two years Denzel Washington is in a train movie. I guess people have to get their goods across the Rocky Mountains somehow, but Iím not entirely sure why Denzel Washington thinks we want to watch him do it. If at first you donít succeed, try again, I suppose and Denzel Washingtonís generally stellar track record suggests that itís nearly impossible for him to make two bad movies in which heís riding the rails. I guess that means Unstoppable might be good.

Below we have five clips from the movie which suggest that yes, thereís hope this will be better than that movie with John Travolta in a goatee, even if the premise sounds like something that fell out of a 1982 TV movie of the week. It stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pine as a pair of train engineers who decide to chase down a runaway engine, and in the process thrill audiences by nearly getting themselves killed. Youíll have to fight through the first clip, which is generally terrible and involves ridiculous hazing because, apparently, train engineers hate people without wrinkles, but once you get to the action sequences youíll feel better about Unstoppable. Watch:

Look for Unstoppable in theaters November 12th.
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