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The 10 Best Edited Films Of All-Time, According To Hollywood Editors

Editors play an incredibly vital role, as many filmmakers would tell you that it’s in the cutting room that a movie is truly uncovered for what it is. A result of this is that the distinction of being considered the Best-Edited Movie Of All Time is quite an impressive one.

Tom Hanks Producing JFK Assassination Drama

Hanks and Goetzman will produce Parkland an indie drama that's title refers to the Parkland Memorial Hospital that took in and ultimately pronounced dead Kennedy, his assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, and Oswald's killer Jack Ruby.

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Errol Morris Short Film Re-Examines The JFK Assassination

With today marking the 48th anniversary of JFK's assassination in Dallas, legendary filmmaker and documentarian Errol Morris has released a new short film on the subject. Called The Umbrella Man, the six-and-a-half-minute short examines one specific bit of that day that will live in infamy, November 22nd, 1963. As President Kennedy's motorcade trundles through Dealey Plaza, standing along the street is a man holding an open umbrella.

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Jackie O Interviews Following JFK Assassination To Be Made Public, Some Claim They Blame LBJ For Her Husband's Death

She’s said to rant on the topic at length, questioning what role Lee Harey Oswald played in the murder and what powerful friends of LBJ may have contributed to what happened. The paper also claims the tapes explicitly talk about both JFK and Jackie’s extramarital affairs. She’s reported to have bedded Hollywood star William Holden and Fiat founder Gianni Agnelli.

Who Will Direct Leonardo DiCaprio's JFK Assassination Conspiracy Movie?

According to the press release announcement, "an acclaimed director who has previously worked with Leonardo has expressed interest in directing the film." Ooh, let's play along!

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Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes Are The Kennedys

Can we handle Katie Holmes as First Lady Jackie Kennedy? I think Greg Kinnear is a fine choice as the President in the History Channel mini-series The Kennedys. The dramatic take on the first family of America will be History's first scripted mini-series

Tom Hanks Planning A Kennedy Assassination TV Event

For people my age or younger, I think it’s kind of hard to understand exactly what Kennedy meant to our parents. I get why he was an important president, but I’m willing to let it go already. Tom Hanks, and probably your parents, just aren’t

History Gets Dramatic Over The Kennedys

For its latest venture, The History Channel is giving drama a shot. Already known for their documentaries on historical figures, the network is hoping to nab some critical acclaim and bring a whole new audience to their network with The Kennedys, a massive eight-hour epic about the first "royal" family of America.

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