Check Out This Video To See Aging Through The Eyes Of Google

By Mack Rawden 2013-04-30 13:35:38

People like to talk about how technology has left society more disconnected and emotionally unavailable than ever. In some ways, that might be true, but in other ways, technology has actually brought all of us together. Every single day, millions and millions of people look for common ground, advice, clothes, videos, highlights, knowledge and everything else under the sun in Google’s search bar, which gave YouTube user Marius B. a great idea. He decided to plug in the phrase “I’m ____ and” to see how people’s fears, perceptions and dreams change as they age.

He put together the footage into the snappy video embedded above, and not surprisingly, it has raced around the Internet at an incredible rate among people who, judging by the comments, are either touched by some of the issues many of us fret over or freaked out by how worried about pregnancy both middle school girls and sixty-year-old women are. I would definitely put myself in the former camp, especially since I now know everyone else my age is also worried about thinning hair.

The experiment was done on a computer without any cookies. Still, depending on what part of the world one lives in, the search results could be slightly different. Google might not be open about sharing their formulas, but we do know different things are targeted based on location.

People tend to fixate on all the problems with a large company, but there’s something great about the whole world being on the same page. Plus, we could do far worse than a company that gives us doodles.
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