Learn The Difference Between That And Which In This Nerdy Video

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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You know that image of the lonely smart kid who desperately wants the cool kids to like him? That image isnít necessarily inaccurate, but itís not complete either. Many hyper-intelligent nerds might seem like shy and pleasant folks on the outside, but when interacting with each other, they can be catty, mean-spirited bitches. Instead of using athletic ability or attractiveness, however, they use mental superiority to grapple for dominance, and that process often manifests itself in pointed comments judging the grammar of others.

If you want to feel like a dumbass, post on a grammar Naziís wall using your instead of youíre or the wrong there. Itíll get ugly in a hurry, or you can save yourself the mental frustration and watch the above video to see what Iím talking about. Apparently, at some point in the past, Merriam Webster associate editor Kory Stamper wrote ďThe book which addresses this topic is a usage dictionaryĒ and was promptly bitched out by the person she was communicating with. So, she did what any nerd with resources at her disposal would do: she created a YouTube video explaining why sheís not wrong. Thus far, the clip has generated exactly the type of comments one would expect for such subject matterÖ

I want to pretend like I hate it, but I really canít. I spent my entire childhood arguing with my friends about stupid nonsense like this in condescending and offensive tones, and deep down, at least a little part of me will always be that same douche bag kid.

If you feel like getting some more grammar on, you can check out the following video about common grammar mistakesÖ

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