Learn The True Value Of A Dollar With This Helpful Video

By Mick Joest 2 years ago
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Money. Itís a gas. Pink Floyd simplified the root of all evil with their hit song, but they didnít really tell you what itís all about. This TED talk video will jump start your brain back to high school economics, but for me it was a welcoming jolt. I, and you Iím assuming, have forgotten why life is so expensive and why we need money.

Iíll be the guy who admits heís ignorant here, I totally forgot the Fed was multiple governing bodies. I would be that guy on the street in those videos who says the government votes on when to add more money. Then I'd be laughed at by an audience who assumed the same thing. I also didnít realize that we abandoned our gold standard, which makes it all seem so bogus. If Iím not working for cash backed by gold, what am I working for?

Sure the new system works well enough. I have a job and make enough of a wage to live a comfortable life, but it doesnít feel right. For years Iíve been hustlin in the game thinking the cash I was grabbing was backed by something tangible and valuable, but really itís just a ploy. Someone pulls the lever and says, ďThings cost more now, work harder,Ē and all the sudden I have to pay more for the things I own?

I get it, we canít have bank vaults filled with Scrooge McDuck swimming pools of gold coin, but thereís something unsettling about operating off a system. You are putting too much reliance on businesses to succeed as well as employ and fairly compensate its employees. It's definitely a tricky system, but since the alternative may not be possible anymore, I suppose we're just going to keep on keeping on, despite the fact that this video raises a whole lot more questions than we have answers to.
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