A great way to get some buzz for a video that otherwise may not have gotten much is to throw some celebrity star power behind it. At least, that seems to be the theory behind Hanson’s newest pop video, “Get the Girl Back.” The video is a veritable Where’s Waldo of celebrity faces—that is, if you know who you are looking for.

There’s not much of a story to the “Get the Girl Back” video, although there is plenty of cowbell within the track. Hanson is playing a gig in a trendy bar filled with sort-of famous patrons, including Kat Dennings and Nikki Reed, who tends bar as the Hanson brothers do their thing onstage. Drake Bell and American Idol’s Paul McDonald pop up, too. If the latter seems weird, it’s less strange if you know The Grand Magnolias singer is married to Reed. That’s some pretty decent star power to have in your back pocket.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Hanson since the ”MMMBop” or maybe “This Time Around,” Hanson has actually been extremely productive over the last few years. “Get the Girl Back” is a track off of the band’s ninth studio album, Anthem, which, according to VH1, is in the final stages production before it will be released. There are a lot of nostalgic reasons to catch Hanson in action, but the band actually puts together fun, intimate gigs and if you get the chance to hear “Get the Girl Back” on a live stage, I’d suggest giving it a shot.

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