Sly Stallone Asks Media To Stop Speculating On Sage's Death, Fair Or Unreasonable Request?

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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In the few days since Sylvester Stalloneís son Sage Moonblood tragically died at thirty-six, there have been thousands of articles written speculating about what may have killed him. Initial reports claimed a pill bottle was found near the deceasedís body, and thatís led many to assume his death was an overdose. The coroner has decided not to issue an official cause of death until the toxicology reports come back; so, for the next six weeks, itís likely the theories and shocking stories about Sageís personal life will continue.

In response, Sly, calling Sageís loss ďagonizingĒ, reached out to TMZ and asked all the speculation be stopped immediately. The actor wants the family to be able to mourn in peace, and obviously, all the troubling commentaries about Sageís behavior havenít made that task easy on anyone.

When a celebrity dies due to mysterious circumstances, itís a given the public will pour into the deceasedís personal life looking for answers. Iím not saying itís right, but itís happened for centuries and will continue to happen. What makes Sageís case unusual, however, is that he wasnít really a celebrity in his own right. He appeared in Rocky V as a child, but if his father wasnít Sly, the media wouldnít be writing endless stories about what may or may not have been in his medicine cabinet.

I get where Stallone is coming from, but Iím still not sure itís exactly fair to ask the media to stop wondering why his son died. What do you think? Should we all stop sticking our noses in the familyís business? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll belowÖ

Has The Media Covered Sage Stallone's Death Too Much?


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