A small minority of Texas residents are very excited about seceding from the Union. Through strongly worded petitions and vocal protests, these rabble rousers with a firm independent streak bloviate about how much better life would be without Uncle Sam’s watchful eye. Apart from the small chunk of time during the Civil War, these threats have never gone anywhere, and apparently, there’s no possible way they’ll go anywhere either.

Earlier this week, CGPGrey published its newest video, and it looks at the practicalities involved with Texas seceding. From a financial standpoint, it’s not the worst idea in the world for Texans, but from a legal standpoint, there’s no way it could work. Take a look at the clever and interesting deconstruction of the issue below…

This whole controversy is a great example of how those screaming the loudest don’t necessarily reflect the viewpoint of the majority. At this point, a possible secession shouldn’t even be an issue because of the overwhelming majority of local residents who wish to remain part of the Union. Plus, given how much those in Texas value military strength and support those fighting for us, I can’t imagine it would sit very well to go from being a part of the largest and mightiest army in the world to being greatly overmatched.

Here’s to hoping this is the last we hear about this supposed issue for awhile.



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