You can do all kinds of crazy things with a cell phone nowadays. The picture quality has gotten so good and connecting to computers and the Internet has gotten so easy that the possibilities are more limited by the imagination than the technology itself.

Kurt Hugo Schneider’s newest video is a pretty good indication of that. Armed with three Sprint smart phones, an arsenal of classic holiday songs and some incredible voices, the filmmaker put together a fast paced, must watch medley of cheer and technological wonder. Take a look at the awesomeness below…

The great thing about this video is it does so much without ever coming across as busy. It gives most of the cool little tricks at least a few seconds to breath, allowing viewers to properly appreciate the coolness and to brace themselves for whatever is coming next. Plus, it really helps that performers Victoria Justice and Max Schneider have pleasant, professional sounding voices. That really takes this from feeling like a cool trick to a genuine music video.

Over the next few weeks, there will no doubt be dozens of other holiday medleys passed around the Internet. If some of them are roughly as good as this, we should all be in for plenty of smiles.



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