Have you ever wondered how much of the world’s money supply you control? Well, it turns out the answer to that question is incredibly complicated and has more to do with how one chooses to define “money supply” than how much one actually possesses. Because of the way banking is set up, money can be lent that doesn’t actually exist. It happens all the time, and once all that non-currency currency is taken into account, it can increase the total supply more than ten fold.

At least that’s what V Sauce claims in the video embedded above, and since he’s consistently churned out brilliant answers about mathematical/ scientific questions, there’s no reason to start disbelieving him now. Besides, half of his appeal has nothing to do with the query posed.

A lto of science videos give you a straight answer. V Sauce always dodges and weaves as much as possible in order to dispsense all kinds of crazy facts directly or tangentially related to the topic. For example: 1 out of every 100 bills will be touched this year by someone who will commit murder next year.



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