Over the past forty years, Tropicana’s Juice Train has supplied the New York area with delicious OJ. Running from Florida to New Jersey, the journey takes roughly forty-eight hours, requires forty-one refrigerated cars and carts more than 500,000 gallons fit for consumption. That’s enough for every resident of New York City to have at least one glass.

The nice people over at GE who power the train via the company’s Evolution Series recently decided to tape the entire journey and create a sweet time lapse video from the point of view of the conductor. It’s well-executed and extremely interesting. You can take a look at the footage below…

It was a smart move to put the mileage calculator at the bottom along with the time, speed, locations and gallons of fuel. It prevents the time lapse from devolving into a big, indecipherable blur. I also really like the dude who cleans the camera. That was a nice touch.

Too bad Cornelius Vanderbilt isn’t alive to see this video. He might not be so pleased about the overall state of the railroad industry, but something tells me he’d be excited about railroads and orange juice being mashed together in one ruggedly sexy and efficient partnership.



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