Watch This Stunning Ink Drop Video Shot In High Resolution

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Most people have watched slow motion ink drop or color mixing videos before, but Iím not sure many have ever seen footage as breathtaking and clear as this. Shot in stunning 4K Ultra HD, this ink drop video makes the colors look as vibrant and vivid as is currently possible with modern technology.

Take a look at the beauty belowÖ

Most of what we watch today is filmed in 1080p HD. The above footage was shot with a resolution of 4096x2304, which is why it almost looks fake. Thereís a brightness we donít ordinarily see, which is probably why itís so fascinating to watch.

That being said, Iím not sure I would even enjoy watching every color pop this much on television. Itís really fun to eyeball for just over three minutes, but in footage that was meant to show more than just the colors themselves, it seems like it would be extremely distracting. Regardless, Iím glad this video exists, and I canít wait to see what the YouTube account of Jacob Schwarz will offer in the future.
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